Date: February 14th 2010 10:05p.m.

:: g r e e t i n g s !

much has been developing in the creative world of tryad!

new songs are being recorded, new tracks uploaded, and many new connections established.

we are thrilled at the work which _scott waddell has been doing, uploading exciting new remixes ::

:: frantic ants ::

:: begin ::

:: peace maker ::

this very cool track was submitted by kaneda ::

:: rebalance ::

ema has been hard at work recording vocals and uploading her demos to sound cloud ::

riot music from germany recently created a remaster of 'wake up' from v3 ::

:: wake up (riot music remaster) ::

hanani and i are actively recording new material, with an abundance of amazing songs to work with.

new demos are appearing regularly, so feel free to join our facebook or twitter to keep updated.

dear friends, these magical wheels of creative commons collaboration are in full spin!

all are welcome to join in _

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