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  1. t r y ^ d :: instrumentals and more
    Sent September 25th 2011 7:23p.m.

    :: greetings from t r y ^ d hello and warm wishes to all of our listeners! very happy to announce that a collection of instrumental tracks from our first two albums has recently been released :: we are pla...

  2. t r y ^ d :: new & now
    Sent February 14th 2010 10:05p.m.

    :: g r e e t i n g s ! much has been developing in the creative world of tryad! new songs are being recorded, new tracks uploaded, and many new connections established. we are thrilled at the work which _scott waddell has been doing, uploading exciti...

  3. t r y ^ d :: status update
    Sent November 22nd 2009 6:54p.m.

    :: g r e e t i n g s hello out there / in here! :) much has been happening and a mailing list update is long overdue... to begin with, if you are an itunes user, a free itunes lp of 'listen' is available for download ::

  4. t r y ^ d :: v 3
    Sent August 31st 2009 3:39a.m.

    :: g r e e t i n g s v 3, a new album involving the work of a number of tryad artists, is now available for free download :: would love to hear your feedback! if anyone would like to get involved with remixing, mastering, ...

  5. t r y ^ d :: s p r i n g !
    Sent March 3rd 2009 6:03p.m.

    :: happy spring from t r y ^ d !! :) lots of new updates are appearing online... we're moving into full-swing development of our new album, called 'the tree'. here are some of the latest demo releases :: http...

  6. t r y ^ d :: u p d a t e s
    Sent November 21st 2008 4:19p.m.

    :: greetings from t r y ^ d ! many wonderful things have been happening for us lately... first of all, we are performing our first official live concert on the 26th of november in paris! hosted by, this free concert is being held at the gl...

  7. t r y ^ d :: greetings earthlings
    Sent June 24th 2008 5:54p.m.

    :: aloha from h a w a i i : ) ema and eye (vav) send our greetings from the big island... we've just begun recording again for our third album, t ^ 3. with an exciting new lineup of musicians, this is bound to be quite a wonderful album. a couple of ...


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